The Catalans, Politics and Wine

April 04, 2016

Is Catalonia so different from the rest of Spain that its people are willing to officially defy the central government in Madrid and break away from the country? It's certainly looking that way. The Catalan parliament has recently voted to formally begin proceedings toward secession from Spain with the hope of declaring independence by 2017. I hope the Catalans are ready for a long and bumpy ride! If you haven't kept up on Spanish politics lately, the level of Catalan dissension toward the central government of Madrid has become so strong that the move to secede is underway. With its own language, a 1000 years of recorded history as its own separate region, and a population around the size of...

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Do You Do Limoux?

October 11, 2014

If you've had it up to here with the high prices of Champagne, you're not alone. But don't give up on bubbly just yet. There has never been more, quality sparkling wine in the market than there is today, so be adventurous and taste, taste, taste. With so much affordable, good stuff out there why pay inflated prices to those over-inflated egos in the land of Champagne? But hold it! Before I go and completely rain on Champagne's parade, it's all because of Champagne's global success that sparklers from Italy, Spain, Australia and elsewhere have effervesced their way into popularity. And why shouldn't they? Bubbles are festive, fizzy and fun. And let's be honest, with its foil, wire cage and...

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