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The Bloodhound is sometimes referred to as a nose with a dog attached - and for good reason. Due to a large, very acute set of scent membranes, the Bloodhound is able to distinguish smells at least a thousand times better than humans. At Bloodhound Wines we sniff out and track down the finest wines in the "old world." And better yet, we bring them to you direct from the source. For two decades we've worked as importers, distributors, merchants and négociants. Every year we travel the side roads tasting and buying from small, family-owned wineries who represent the best growing regions in Europe. How fun is it to meet wonderful people who make fantastic wines and getting asked to stay for dinner? Is there a better way to buy wine? 

We partner with producers who make wines that are consistent in quality and style from vintage to vintage. Our producers farm their land. They're in touch with their vineyards and they get their hands dirty. They make wines that are vibrant and alive, beautifully aromatic, full of complexity and flavor unique to the place from where they are grown. Terroir is real and from unique places come extraordinary wines that cannot be replicated any where else. I urge you to try one of our exceptional wines to experience a level of purity, depth and complexity you won't find in the grocery store. 

At Bloodhound Wines our joy comes in finding these exceptional wines at "everyday drinking" prices and then getting to share them with our friends. Add to that the bonus of getting to hang out with a lot of fun people along the way and how could it get any better? We think you'll like these wines as much as we do and you'll definitely love the price. You can't touch the value and quality offered at Bloodhound Wines with anything from California or elsewhere in the US. I'll never offer the cheapest wines on the planet, but finding ten dollar wines that drink like twenty and twenty dollar wines that drink like fifty sure gets my tail wagging. Drink and enjoy!







The Bloodhound