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The Bloodhound is sometimes referred to as a nose with a dog attached - and for good reason. Due to a large, very acute set of scent membranes, the Bloodhound is able to distinguish smells one thousand times better than humans. We aren't suggesting our sniffers are quite that refined but at Bloodhound Wines we do our best to track down the finest old world wines. And better yet, we bring them to you direct from the source. For two decades we've worked as importers, distributors, merchants and négociants. Every year we travel the side roads tasting and buying from small, family-owned wineries who represent the best growing regions in Europe. And though we specialize in wines from France, don't be surprised to encounter an occasional bottle here and there from Italy, or Spain, because a friend told a friend to get in touch. How fun is it to meet wonderful people who make fantastic wines and getting asked to stay for dinner? Is there a better way to buy wine? 

We partner with producers who make wines that are consistent in quality and style from vintage to vintage. Our producers farm their land. They're in touch with their vineyards and they get their hands dirty. They make wines that are vibrant and alive, beautifully aromatic and full of complexity. Terroir is REAL! And from unique places come extraordinary wines that cannot be replicated anywhere else. If you think you know Chardonnay but have yet to experience quality Chablis, I urge you to try a level of purity, depth and complexity you won't find anywhere in California. The layers of flavor and nuance in old world wines will grow on you in a way you can't imagine. For us, the fun at Bloodhound Wines comes from finding exceptional wines at "everyday drinking" prices and sharing them with our friends. Plus, it doesn't get any better than hanging out with good people along the way. Thank you and Santé. 








The Bloodhound