Rules & Regs

When purchasing from Bloodhound Wines you agree to comply with the following shipment/payment terms and conditions as listed below. Please note that shipping conditions can change at any time due to inclement weather, transportation and dock strikes overseas and other factors beyond our control. We will keep you apprised at all times, if and when delays do occur, and we will do our best to determine honestly when your shipment will arrive when confronted with these circumstances.


In order to bill you properly and avoid shipping delays, we will need a valid credit card – we currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We will also need a valid United States address in a state to which we can legally ship. Your personal and credit card information will be kept safely encrypted and protected by our secure service if you choose to keep it on file. Or, we will bill you whenever you choose to order and we will request all your pertinent payment information at that time.

Sales Tax

As we are based in California, by law, we are obligated to pay sales tax to the State of California for all purchases made in the state in the amount of 8.75% on every sale. 


To order from Bloodhound Wines, you must be 21 years or older and you must have a valid ID because all shipments require an adult signature upon receipt of delivery. We are not able, nor is it legal, to ship wine to PO boxes or to any address where special delivery instructions are requested in order to eliminate an adult signature. We recommend that you request delivery to your place of business if no one is available at your residence to sign for the product. 

All wines are shipped from our temperature controlled warehouse in Sonoma County, California. We ship year-round on the west coast for the most part but we pay very close attention to summer and winter weather extremes across the country to ensure that your wines arrive in premium condition. Under adverse climatic conditions, we will hold your order and keep you apprised of the timeline and when you can expect your shipment.

We do not ship to wineries, wine retailers, restaurants or any other places of business that hold liquor licenses or who actively work in the liquor business.

The list of states we cannot ship to at the current time is large. Suffice it to say the states to whom we are allowed to ship amount to only 14 and still these come with issues. Restrictions seem to get more complicated every year so you have my sincerest apologies if for some reason I have to cancel your order due to shipping laws in your state. (See Shipping for more specific information)

Cancellations and Returns

With the confusing array of state liquor laws across the country, it is the sole responsibility of the person receiving the wine to be cognizant of their in-state laws and comply with the legal wine guidelines under which they are governed. We cannot be responsible for, nor can we legitimize, any claim by you as it pertains to your legal right to receive wine in your state. Ownership and title to all wine purchased from our California warehouse passes immediately to the buyer once the order is processed.

We cannot legally accept returns of bottles, opened or unopened, so please call or email us before you get the inclination to start shipping bottles back to California. We will do everything in our power to make things right no matter what the circumstances.

If you receive wine you determine to be flawed or damaged, please call or email us as quickly as possible so we can begin to track down the problem. Getting a jump on any potential issue early usually prevents a lot of headaches for all of us down the road.


We do not sell, share or solicit personal information in any way whatsoever. All credit card and personal information is kept secure within our encrypted system and used only for ordering purposes.

Contact:     206.457.9223