Château de Montfaucon Rhône Valley France



What do you get when you combine a historic Rhône Valley winery that boasts 100-year old vines and an owner who studied wine making in France, Australia and California? That's easy - you get Rudi Le Pin and a bunch of crazy good wines with loads of personality, character and complexity. The history of Château de Montfaucon dates back to the 11th Century when the castle's first tower was built. The winery was built in 1520 where all the wine was made until 1936. Today, there is a completely remodeled winery but Rudi still uses the old vaulted cellar for barrel aging his top reds. Gush all you want about the cocky lads in Châteauneuf-du-Pape across the river, but unless you're prepared to spend upwards of $75 and more, you might want to keep an eye on Château de Montfaucon - the quality is state-of-the-art; the prices are a flat out bargain!