Château de Montfaucon Vin de Monsieur Le Baron 2011 France

WOW, WOW and triple WOW! I can't remember the last time a bottle of wine got me this tongue-tied, but then again, I can't ever remember tasting a bottle quite like this. It stopped me in my tracks and you'll see why. Monsieur Le Baron is the flagship wine from Château de Montfaucon and it's like no other wine you'll find anywhere. This red wine catches lightening in a bottle blending 15 different grapes - 10 red and 5 white - from the oldest vines on the estate. All the grapes are hand-picked, at roughly the same time, and then co-fermented and aged in French oak for 12 months. Give this wine a chance to breathe and then get ready for the lovely, floral aromas of dried violets and berries that fill the air. The big aromas are then followed by ripe flavors of black cherry and blackberry, hints of baking spices and vanilla. So unique and so hip, Monsieur Le Baron is beautifully crafted from start to finish, with seamless balance and extraordinary, top-notch winemaking. Le Baron is one for the ages. Don't miss out on getting at least a few of these bottles into your cellar. They’ll go for years, but unfortunately, they won’t last long in the warehouse. May I make a toast to the Baron?

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