Fassati “Pasiteo” Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2017 Italy

Pasiteo shows lovely tart cherry and savory aromas with cherry, bitter chocolate, sage and black tea flavors. The wine is plushy and soft while the tannins are sweet and chewy lasting long on the finish. Almost entirely Prugnolo gentile (the special Sangiovese clone grown only in Montepulciano) a small amount of Merlot also contributes to the blend. Pasiteo ages for 24 months in large casks and is then blended with barrique-aged wine before spending at least 6-12 months in bottle prior to release. This is a superb red wine and emblematic of all the smells and flavors for which Tuscany is famous. Long referred to as the "king of all wines", the first documented account of Vino Nobile's lofty status in the wine world dates back to 1685. The current Fassati winery goes back to the early 1900's and has continued to be one of the most traditional and prominent producers in Montepulciano. Give any one of our Fassati offerings a try and taste your own little slice of Tuscan history. Cin cin!

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