Fassati “Gersemi” Vino Nobile di Montepulciano 2016 Italy

Called the “King of all Wines” as far back as 1685, Vino Nobile has long held a prestigious position throughout the history of Italy's wine industry. Vino Nobile was long the favored drink by the local aristocracy as well as the pope. This noble red is very unique as it is sourced from a special, super clone of Sangiovese known locally as Prugnolo gentile. Consider this Sangiovese a far more stylish and robust version of what you're used to from the Chianti region. And more importantly, understand that the 2016 vintage is being heralded as the finest vintage Montepulciano has seen in decades. For the production of Gersemi, Fassati selects the finest Prugnolo gentile grapes from its Via Cupa vineyard parcel. It contains 90% of this special Sangiovese and 10% Canaiolo, a grape long used in Montepulciano which helps to soften tannins and add fruitiness to the blend. Think of it like blending Merlot with Cabernet in Bordeaux adding  softness to the wine. Gersemi spends two years in large oak casks and a minimum of six months in bottle. It is ripe and juicy with sweet, black fruit aromas, flavors of red cherries, cocoa powder and blackberry. Gersemi is a polished mouthful of lingering fruit, showing soft textures in the mouth with hints of spice, licorice, vanilla and silky tannins. Very classy and complex Italian!

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